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Choosing Your Contractor

Your plans are drawn up, planning permission has been granted and you are ready to start the build phase. 

Choosing a building contractor can be a complex process but the Kisiel team is ready to help you through this phase with expert advice.

Don’t just take our word for it. You are encouraged to speak with our existing customers to hear about their experiences with the Kisiel team.

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Ready to go!

Get started with the Kisiel team who are ready to translate your drawings into reality.

Offering more than a good quality build, the specialists will focus on their areas of expertise completing each stage in accordance with the programme.

Skilled craftsmen take pride in creating a new building and delivering a high-quality home that they would be happy to live in themselves.

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The right solutions

If you have concerns about the construction process, the Kisiel Project team will take them on board and provide you with the right solutions.

Focusing on delivering your project to a high build standard, the team will ensure that deliveries and the construction works cause minimum disruption to neighbouring properties.

After all, the residents will be your neighbours long after the project is completed.

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Your smile at the end of the project is our reward for an exceptionally high-quality job.