Making the right start

Completing surveys before starting work in Balham, London SW12

The client took our advice before the building works started, and so preliminary investigations were undertaken. The existing foundations were inspected, a CCTV camera was used to ensure the drains were in a good state and did not need any remedial work, and a party wall agreement was put in place.

Patience at the early stage enables you to identify any hidden problems and allows adjustments to be made in the project planning. This is all good practice rather than rushing to start the works, even if you are really keen to get the project started.

This side return extension on a residential house in Balham enlarged the existing kitchen and provided additional living space, which included a downstairs WC and a utility room. The project was in a contemporary design with a quality finish.

One of the biggest challenges was health and safety as the couple occupied the building during the construction. We do not usually recommend our clients living in the property whilst the work is being done but there are occasions where it is unavoidable. It meant that the project had to be very carefully managed throughout to ensure that they were not exposed to any risks, as they had limited knowledge of the health and safety issues they might encounter on a building site.

We completed the project on time and since the work was completed, the family has grown with the arrival of a new baby.

“It is a recognition that our clients were so happy with the work, that they agreed to be included in the photographs that Kisiel Group had taken of the finished project.”

Kisiel Group