An oasis of calm

Meeting Leasehold requirements in Chelsea, London SW1

This apartment has been tastefully refurbished to suit the client’s minimalistic style of living.

All renovation work had to adhere to the terms of the lease agreement and meet the approval of the Leaseholder. Prior permission was required before any alternations could be undertaken. Although this appears a restriction to the property owner, it is for the preservation of the building and so that any improvements are to the benefit of all the residents.

The style throughout gives a feeling of space assisted by the predominant use of the colour of white. During this refurbishment, all doors were painted in a high white gloss, including the pocket sliding door in the walk-in wardrobe, to help achieve the effect of space and calm.

To ensure a good night’s sleep in the apartment, and because of restrictions which did not allow to replace existing windows, secondary glazing was installed in the bedrooms. The bathroom was also refurbished and new pipe work hidden in the ceiling with the shower heads being recessed into the ceiling.

The end result was truly an ‘oasis of calm’ within this prestigious block of apartments, near London’s exclusive and bustling shopping area.