Brexit or Stronger In?

Kisiel Group attended the FMB’s panel debate ‘Should builders back Brexit?’ on 5th April 2016.

Backing Brexit was Conservative former Minister for Trade and Industry, John Redwood, who was passionate in his argument for leaving the EU.  Defending remaining in Europe was Labour MP and Foreign Affairs Committee member, Mike Gapes, who set a clear argument for staying.

The lively debate was chaired by Anne Ashworth, Editor of Bricks and Mortar supplement at The Times, who took questions from the floor and added her own comments to both sides of the argument. Taking an overivew of the audience’s position at the beginning, mid debate and at the end, it was clear that a few had been won over to Brexit but still a large number were undecided.

From the tone of the questions and the following discussions, it would appear that the debate will continue right up to the vote on 23 June.

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What do you think is best for the construction industry?