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Everything you need to plan and build your next construction project.

You choose the option which is best suited to you.  

Perhaps you are looking for all the design and build in one package, or you have the architect’s drawings so you need a building contractor. Maybe you are planning to extend and will refurbish your property at the same time. We can help you with any of these options and also assist you to keep control of your costs.

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You have a vision and we will help you to fill in the details as you explore with us your design requirements.  We will listen carefully and advise you on all aspects of the project from the best materials to use for the building to the procurement of the finishing touches which is what will make your property your home.

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Expertise from the Kisiel team on all aspects of your project will enable you to design and deliver the building of your choice.

Whether you are not sure where to start or if you are already working on your designs, we can provide technical and design advice to guide you through everything that you need to consider before you start.

Every project is unique and we are interested to speak with you and hear about your ideas and designs.

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